Wednesday, May 2, 2012

South Island of New Zealands Oldest home…


According to the agent who sold it last, and therefore conducted a heck of a lot of research…..that is what you


…..are looking at in these above two photos I took today. Reputedly the oldest continuously inhabited home in the whole of the South Island of New Zealand.


And not just that, what you are looking at here above is the oldest known “barn” in the whole of NZs South Island too!


There will be more to come….I was just stunned to find the amount of history at this location, and yes, you can buy it as its back on the market.

Now thats what they call “history”…..and on account of the fact that we are such a young country……any remnants termed so, ……well they should definitely be, at least to my way of thinking…… very dearly appreciated.