Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In case you didn’t know…


..Nelson is as close as you can get to a geographical centre in this little place called New Zealand…10-02-2015 4-33-22 p.m.

10-02-2015 7-07-05 p.m.

…that’s certainly something that was recognised …

10-02-2015 7-12-42 p.m.

by Honda Motor co many years ago.

10-02-2015 7-15-46 p.m.

And that is why we are the central start point for Honda motor cars into New Zealand

10-02-2015 4-33-50 p.m.

In fact twice in the last few short weeks our little port has had two car carrier monster ships in port at the same time.

PHOTO CREDIT - Port Nelson company webcams (

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