Sunday, September 19, 2010

Down at the the beach this morning….

Still a bit cool from that Antarctic wind


thats currently visiting many parts of our fair land,

IMG_5473 (Custom)

however one way to warm up the body ………

IMG_5449 (Large)

is with a spot of Orienteering

IMG_5451 (Large)

and that’s obviously what some folk where up to this am.

IMG_5457 (Custom)

Others were content just to carry on fishing,

IMG_5459 (Custom)

while others were out taking photos like me,

IMG_5460 (Custom) (2)

I suspect he was lining up the fisherman with the snow covered mountains as a background…..

IMG_5456 (Custom)

meanwhile some decided a run along the beach would be a great start to the day.

IMG_5615 (Custom)

While just a bit further up the road these folk were doing their best to keep warm by training.

IMG_5479 (Custom)

And these guys were just out celebrating the auto….

ole 55 IMG_5478

American metal from the 50’s

IMG_5482 (Custom)

and this nice one, a Corvette, or should that be “vette”, from 1961.

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