Monday, September 27, 2010

They call it “Trash that Dress….”

and if reports in the local paper are hinting at anything – local Nelsonians better get prepared to see more of this.

IMG_5682 (Custom)

Me….well when driving around past Tahunanui Beach Saturday morning, I’ll admit I was puzzled by this lass on the beach in her wedding gown….but the game was given away when I spotted not one, but 2 photags there too.


Is this any way to treat a wedding dress….a dress from what many lasses would consider one of the most important days in their life…..well apparently the answer is ……. yes?

Surprisingly enough, it made the front page of tonights paper!

As in…….

Sandra Johnson said the concept was something she’d always wanted to do.

‘‘The idea is that the grandkids really aren’t going to want the dress, so why not go and have some fun with it?’’

The local paper alludes to what they were up too, read more here.

Ah or not….looks like Googles spider hasn’t reached it yet… Google

Bride’s wedding march with a difference

tomorrow and you’ll be able to catch up with this new trend.

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