Monday, September 20, 2010

I did wonder what they were up to…

On Saturday morning a strange sight greeting me as I drove down the Main St

IMG_5443 (Custom)

coming towards me, and flanked by many Police cars were these school age young adults carrying a log / caber?

Turns out it was part of “The Longest Day” and the part I was seeing was…..

IMG_5444 (Custom)

“Each team then carried a stretcher to the Centre of New Zealand, then picked up the log which they carried to the Church Steps.” as reported by the local paper The Nelson Mail tonight.

It is all part of the 8 week long Cactus Programme.

What’s that? Best let the paper explain that;

The Cactus programme – an army-styled fitness scheme aimed at youth, attracted teams of students from Nelson College for Girls, Nelson College, Garin College and alternative education provider Youth Nelson to the eight-week course.

Full story here.

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