Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Made the Front Page!

Feb 16th 2010

In my inbox yesterday was this note.

Hi David The Mail used your fire pic on the front page today (credited to you). I hope that's okay. We had photographers there - turns out your twitpic was the best! Kind regards, XXXXXXXXX

Turns out, my photo made the front page in last nights Nelson Mail.

16-02-2011 fire 01

Happily enjoying a meal at Robbies in Richmond, when the whiff of something burning pricks my attention…….nah……..must just be something in the kitchen cooking or boiled over…….

Hold on that smells like plastic or rubber burning…..not typically a good sign for a restaurant?

Sitting near the window, my attention was then drawn to people running…….?

Walking outside I see this….

C360_2011-02-14 19-34-52

Didn’t think this was on the menu?

C360_2011-02-14 19-38-21

Closer inspection reveals…

C360_2011-02-14 19-35-36

the siren noises of the approaching appliances ring out…

C360_2011-02-14 19-35-51

and… just a matter of moments its

C360_2011-02-14 19-38-05

pretty soon its flames everywhere. According to the paper, because of the heat,

C360_2011-02-14 19-38-32

the firefighters had to wait a period to get in with their hoses,

C360_2011-02-14 19-41-10

but once they did the smoke rapidly changed colour

C360_2011-02-14 19-41-32

……a lady next to me asked a lass running, in a familiar tone, “isn’t that your home…..” and she replied no they lived on the other side, and everyone’s out.

C360_2011-02-14 19-43-03

The local Fire Brigade chief Ralph Lonsdale reportedly told the Nelson Mail;

“……..knew the fire he was going to must be bad when he arrived at the nearby fire station to find ash falling.”


C360_2011-02-14 19-42-01

Created a bit of traffic issues too, but thankfully it appears no one was hurt.

C360_2011-02-14 19-42-54

The cause is still being invested, the paper says.

I recieved

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