Wednesday, February 2, 2011

South Island Middle Earth?

C360_2011-01-30 08-37-48

On a recent visit to Christchurch I couldn’t help but be reminded

C360_2011-01-31 15-03-57

of the fabulous vistas that are there for the taking. (36hr later difference from pic 1 to pic 2 shows the effects of a good nights rain on the river levels below)

C360_2011-01-30 09-28-00

Often I see campervans on the side of the road and ………

C360_2011-01-31 16-18-26

folks standing around outside with their digital cameras snapping away.

C360_2011-01-31 15-19-38

When you really do take the timw to “enjoy the journey….” and not

C360_2011-01-31 15-10-30

…..just focus on the “Point A to Point B thing”,…………..

C360_2011-01-31 15-26-13

well…..its quite enlightening really.

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