Thursday, February 17, 2011

Philip José Farmer’s Riverworld

Wow…I learnt tonight that the man isn’t any longer with us as he passed on in 2009. As a younger adult his series on Riverworld, well…really made a statement.

So much so that a geographical place like Riverworld has never been far from my mind………why?

Well frankly I don’t know why…..just that I remember the very very vivid description of the valleys leading down from the hills/mountains to the sloping grassy plain and then on to the river.


Apparently there is a movie…………and no I have not seen it & will not…..I just prefer to remember it (probably the better term is “visualise it”, Riverworld that is) from the memories I have from reading the book series.


BUT…….if ever there was a setting I have seen ( latent movie location scout hat being put on here) then this valley near Murchison in the South Island of NZ, to my way of thinking, resembles it perfectly.

After 20 years of driving past this site on a “Point A to Point B” exercise, and having all the feelings I have mentioned above, I finally took the time out to pull over and stop the car……………..and take a shot or two.

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