Thursday, June 16, 2011

Definitely some ash up there

Lots of talk in the media about the ash cloud from that Chilean eruption lately.

Strange, according to the media, seems that the airlines really can’t win, whether they do fly or not. Surely if a plane suffered engine failure and worse, then the media would be all over that too. As of last night Air New Zealand have now joined others like Jetstar in not flying. Lots of media coverage to follow I’m sure.


Any way yesterdays photo taken from Nelson looking South SW a bit earlier at around 6:30am shows a bright moon.

_ash hmmm

Contrast that with one taken 25 hours later, difficult to spot the moon in the centre there at all, something’s definitely got between it and Earth I reckon?

sunset ashcloud

Though it has had some advantages, witness our sunsets over the last few nights like this one.

“DUH” Update : I saw it yesterday on, but crossed it off because for some reason I thought they had shown that the eclipse was only visible to viewers in the Northern hemisphere.

As my wife pointed out tonight, I was more than likely looking at the aftermath of this mornings eclipse, and that, probably along with the ash, explains the shadow nature of what I was seeing

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