Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why do we endure this each weekday morning

I ask myself why did the Nelson City Council go to the trouble of placing “traffic calmers” along Beatson Rd.


Why? Well because I believe there was an issue with through traffic.

That issue is one of the major reasons now, why there is this ridiculous traffic build-up in the mornings. Witness this morning just after 8:35am in the photos.


WHY do they not block entry off Beatson Rd turning left as in the above photo into Waimea Road. Surely just between 8am – 9:30am would be enough, and install cameras so the council could fine anyone [& get payback] breaking the new can’t turn into Waimea Rd off Beatson Rd between these hours rule, say $250!

Surely that’ll fix this stupid congestion situation, and yes they’ll also have to have replicate this at Ulster St, where it too enters Waimea Rd.

Simple fix really to my way of thinking, but then surely someone else has come up with this one before, and it must have been contained in all the recent arterial road surveys, but I didn’t spot it.

Please then, tell why it wouldn’t work?

How to test my plan? Simple really. One quick 2 part exercise will do it.

Count the traffic coming onto Waimea from Beatson & Ulster in the am.

Match that to the traffic turning into same said areas in the “after work” drive home, and I bet they don’t match!

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