Friday, June 17, 2011

Tis truely amazing what HDR can do

because when I looked out the window this morning…….what I saw was fantastic.


I saw a “just past full moon” shining over the water, at a great angle from the south west…….but a first shot…..well to be fair, it just did not do the scenario justice… least, not as I saw it anyway.

To be fair to any camera (and CCD / CMOS / sensor fabricator) this scenario must be one of the worst that a cameras internals can ever try to capture/replicate.

full hDR mode

So switching to HDR mode, I peeled off 9 bracketed shots in succession, by “x” times. [surely a great way to get your shutter count up:-) ]

But no that was a bit overdone, so now time to switch to “exposure fusion” mode.

near full moon

Yup now we’re talking….

…….much much more like the image I wanted to portray……the outcome much more depicted the vista that I was witnessing at that earlier hour.

But looking at it…the HDR shot didn’t look too bad……and hey…I didn’t even move the sliders up too far. (Goodness knows how good this could have looked after a “nights processing” in India….but hey that’s definitely another story)

Any preferences…….your thoughts?

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