Monday, February 1, 2010

Annual Sarau Festival yesterday

Our region traces back its multi-cultural ancestry
to the beginning of European settlement.

Settlers arrived here very early on from Germany
and formed a settlement at Upper Moutere.

With food and faire of various multi-cultural styles on offer
yesterday was a beautiful summers day to visit the
third annual Sarau Festival.

Visiting experts who talked about Black-Currants
and the farming of, were popular with the locals.

The Japanese Drummers proved popular early on.

It certainly was a festival weekend in the region.
Over at Founders Heritage Park in Nelson yesterday, about 600 showed up for Jamaican Jump Up II, a celebration of Caribbean food.
While over in Golden Bay yesterday, it was the unusual that brought them far and wide to the Collingwood Summer Food Fair.
According to our local paper The Nelson Mail, if you so desired items like, roast pukeko, Stingray, barbecued sheep eyes, sheep brains, and pig testicles were all on the menu.

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