Friday, February 19, 2010

Paddys Knob

Courtesy of its name, this local landmark has in the past actually been featured on international websites drawing attention to weird place names.

Its a great look out situated just above the southern area of Tahunanui.
Affording views out over the water to the North, you can also see practically the whole of Tahunanui Beach and the back beach.

To the west & south-west you view out over the airport, towards Blind Channel and Rabbit Island on to the hinterland that forms Upper Moutere and then to the Western Ranges in the distance.

If you're curious about what the names of the different peaks are, they are marked out for you to see on 3 plagues dotted around the circumference of the lookout to aid you in identifying local landmarks.

However there is a reason for the name......and here it is.....

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