Monday, February 1, 2010

New Zealand's Highest & Lowest 2010 Tides

Yes already - yup I know ................the year is only a month old, but for us down-under with opposite seasons to most of the population of the world - its just a fact of life for us. So at about 5:30 - 6:00pm tonight this was the story - picture.

.....and all this.....well its courtesy of a small factoid buried in this Red Alert page over at at NZ's National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research, more commonly known by Kiwi's by their acronym, NIWA..............remember that big squid?

Point here is ..........I'm sure that NIWA would rather be talking about something romantic like the clearest or the cleanest water in the whole world but I guess they just happened to luck out........

Basically on account of this small fact........except for flooding, or a particularly correctly angled rogue on-shore a bit more than a Zephyr here - you probably won't see the sea get this high at Tahunanui again, until same time next year - 2011.

And here below was the same place - about noon or just a few minutes after, today.