Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nelson - from the Water

I took my wife on a fantastic harbour cruise Thursday night onboard the Yonder Star, out through the Haven and out into Tasman Bay, and despite what the forecasts had predicted …..the weather held………..

R0018272 (Custom)

…but before going out via The Cut to the Open Sea, Tasman Bay (as above)…..

R0018232 (Custom)

I thought I would snap off a few photos of the waterfront /waterfront apartments

R0018251 (Custom)

along Wakefield Quay and Rocks Rd to show what the view is when viewed from the water side.

R0018248 (Custom)

That’s the Boathouse Restaurant centre left of the above pic.

R0018236 (Custom)

Most of these have been there now for many years, and we haven’t seen any new developments in quite a few years.

R0018254 (Custom)

The photo below is taken looking from the Haven in a southerly direction towards Tahunanui – that’s Haulashore Island on the left centre of shot.

R0018239 (Custom)

The photo below depicts the shoreline near a couple of well known local Restaurants.

R0018243 with Cafes

In fact one of them, the Waterfront Cafe is actually home to one of Takeabreaks Nelsons webcams that you can view via my other site here.

13-03-2010 4-49-09 p.m.

(Apologies for quality of above pics, I only had a small handheld DSC with me)

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