Monday, March 8, 2010

Slowest & Fastest all in town at once

Earlier around the waterfront Friday, and then later in the day, in town I came across some old forms of transport not usually seen on our suburban streets……

IMG_0767 (Custom)

then more…

IMG_0777 (Custom)

and yet more tractors.


Turns out it was the 2010 Tractor Trek, in aid of raising funds for charity.

IMG_0858 (Custom)

Yet Saturday afternoon while enjoying a coffee with my wife at Tahunanui, the roar of V12 Ferrari engines broke through the normal traffic noise….along with some V8 ones too.

IMG_0859 (Custom)

Another rally of some sorts I suspect because I counted at least 20 that went past…….millions of dollars worth, with some very late model versions there too like this current version California…….(or to give it its proper name – Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano) with a 2009 NZD$ RRP of $662,250!

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