Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You can buy a part of Aviation History

NZ’s first Flying Hovercraft in fact.

2-03-2010 8-29-46 p.m.

…….yes it is true, there is such a beast, and if you’re quick……….

2-03-2010 8-30-08 p.m.

……….NZ auction site Trademe has it for sale.


The auction finishes this Saturday and the bidding is already up to $22,000.

2-03-2010 7-35-11 p.m.

And who can blame anyone for wanting to bid on this………….

2-03-2010 7-34-44 p.m.

…….imagine be able to tell you’re friends that this weekend you are going to take them out and show them something they have never seen before…..

2-03-2010 8-28-03 p.m.

…….a Flying Hovercraft.

The bidding is up to NZD$22,000 and the auction finishes this Saturday….so you better be quick.

Oh and yes, this model was developed and test flown right here in good ole Nelson.

And truth be known the fact that we have the perfect take-off and landing strip in the inner Haven, protected from the ocean by the Boulder Bank, is just another reason why folk love living here.

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