Friday, November 5, 2010

Kids in Sport…

Well the saying goes like this I think……

IMG_2652 (Custom)

“Kids in Sport stay out of Court.“

So Mahe, just go go go!

Both our girls did rowing, when we lived in Sydney they were both selected for talent ident## programs leading up to the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

And almost like in a scene from Mao’s Last Dancer** they had their height, weight, leg measurements, arms outstretched measurements taken….…sometimes it helps to be tall. However credit for all those 5 days a week starts at 5am does go to my wife not me…..often I wasn’t in town….but up country travelling.

Still…at the end of the day….and I’m sure the girls would still agree today it was a fantastic experience. [although on the discipline side of things…well?]

** – one thing missing from the movie was the part Li, then just a kid, told us that he had both his Achilles' stretched and then snapped…but he couldn’t let on the fact that he was in agonising pain otherwise he would not have been selected to go to Shanghai.

## they started in 1990-92……many many years before the Sydney Games

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