Saturday, November 6, 2010

Number Plates – the Kiwi fasination


Don’t really know actually what is it, and to be frank I don’t get it, just as I have told a few that know me………..

IMG_2692 (Custom)

…. because personally I don’t see the merit in personalised plates, especially the new latter varieties popping up today…..

IMG_2676 (Custom)

that are “using every conceivable combination of numbers & letter in the alphabet” to try…..and I mean really try…….to spell something.

Some are pretty obvious…but then others…well?

IMG_2675 (Custom)

On the other hand….the above one is quite self-explanatory and given the fact that there must be reasons why you’d pay upwards of NZD$400 for one….quite extenuating ones at that …..I’d have to say that the last photo of my three gives one the sense that there must be some “real” reason behind this BMW adorning fascia.

Just in case you were asking……No I don’t think it has anything to do with a secret love affair with a bank?

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