Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One of our Top 3 Landmarks

Is “The Rock” or more commonly know to locals

IMG_2551 (Custom)

as “Fifeshire Rock.” Probably one of our most photographed though.

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The name comes about because one of the first settler ships……

IMG_5537 (Custom)

“Fifeshire” [arrived Feb 1842 – 9 months before the “New Zealand” mentioned above] brought paying New Zealand Company clients all the way from England to Nelson.

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She delivered her 108 passengers here fine, but about to begin her return journey, she floundered on rocks in the vicinity of what today is now known as ”Fifeshire Rock”, never even reaching the open sea.

The above memorial is situated at Wakefield Quay where there are passenger manifest lists and other information.

IMG_5489 (Custom)

Nearby there’s also a memorial statue saluting those hardy early settlers.

settlers outlook

One can only be left wondering “what would they make of” the vista that the statue now looks out to?

The local Nelson City Council have a searchable database of those early settlers here for you to check.

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