Thursday, November 25, 2010

Youngsters learning to sail – the hard way

Nothing like throwing down a challenge for young sailors in training.

IMG_2782 (Custom)

After all out there in the open sea…things don’t always work out as what the book/manual says it should.

clinkersw (Custom)

These young chaps aren’t in the open sea at all, they are in the shadow side of Haulashore Island, inside the Haven and so in protected waters – a great place to learn, and more forgiving than the open ocean if an error in judgement were to occur.

IMG_2786 (Custom)

These youngsters appear to be in training the “old fashioned” way – in old clinkers.

IMG_2783 (Custom)

Still looks like they are having fun, and I’m sure, will most definitely be an experience they will learn from, and won’t forget.