Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boulder Bank Baches - Nelson

these are the last few left….six of them in fact on Nelsons iconic Boulder Bank.


The baches future has been in question since the Nelson Harbour Board.passed control over to DOC (“Department of Conservation”) in 1992.


Under the present rights of ownership, the owners pay DOC just over $550 a year "to lease the rocks the structure sits on."


But they don’t own them. Neither can they be done up, extended or sold.

Case in point, as reported by the Nelson Mail

when longtime resident "Boulder Bank Bill" Clark died, his bach, which he'd lived in for more than four decades, was knocked down

The original premise was that they were passed down from generation to generation of the same family.


Although the current licences have expired, there is discussion of them being categorized Heritage Places by Historic Places, and a decision on this was initially expected by Xmas 2011.


They really are a piece of “Kiwiana” and it would be sad to see them go.



Proposal to tag baches welcomed  - Nelson Mail 8th Oct 2011

Bach to Basics: The evolution of a Kiwi dream – Wild Tomato magazine Nelson

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