Friday, November 25, 2011

Two tugs and we’re done…


……like regular readers here will know, I’ve mentioned previously ….ok..on just a couple of occasions before that Port Nelson just happens to be Oceania's busiest fishing port, but……where would it / we be without “help?”


No no no, not that sort of help….


Here’s where Huria Matenga comes into his own…


and with a bit of help from his smaller brother…..


…W H Parr…well I think they call it “teamwork”…


but at the end of the day……together they end up getting the “job done.” because Australasias busiest fishing port, well it really couldn’t function 100% if there wasn’t teamwork. Luckily teamwork is a real big thing locally here in Nelson….


It filters right down the line…otherwise you’d have to ask yourself why would this rather large lady (quite familiar to Kiwis) above grace us with her presence?


…we’ll look after other Ports tugs too.

Nelson has established itself as not only a maritime hub, but concentrated efforts from all the usual suspects, has meant the formation of a very credible aviation hub locally, affectionately known locally as the NAC ( now there’s an acronym for old timers if there ever was! :-)

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