Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Chiefs back… but


UPDATE – Thursday evening….

As it would be ~ I bumped into 2 fishermen tonight, and after they “hinted” at their recent results….there just ain’t no way, if you’re a hard working young fella….sorry person ….that after they told me the amount of money they are making in a “house deposit per trip“ type of way, you’d even consider going across the ditch.

No…your gold mine is still here in Nelson - NZ….and by work….I mean really paying your way….and after what these 2 said tonight, it means you have to “work hard.”


The amount of cash money we are talking about here for a 21 day trip, well its equal to a yearly wage for many Kiwis that I know.


Can I say ~ they did surely look really really tired this afternoon.

After reporting on the “Chief” being back in Port yesterday, I haven’t managed to catch up with any of the current crew yet.

Folks, forget that “Deadliest Catch” stuff.

If these dudes down in the Ross Sea happen to bust some human part of their body…no ones gonna be down there real soon…folks, these Nelson based folks are real men.


Even the chopper sponsor by the company I work for Summit Real Estate, the Summit Rescue chopper, a Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil (Squirrel) has got some limits…like Mt Everest for example.

Wikipedia report her range like this ……Range: 662 km (357 nmi, 411 mi)

Probably not a hell of a lot of help when you are 1250 ~ 1500km from land. (and yes, in case you hadn’t noted it…. that happens to be just a tad further out than those “Deadliest Catch” Alaskian chaps)


No unfortunately its really going to be a case of dudes…”I hope it doesn’t hurt too much, because you’re on you own here for a few hours!”

Danger Money is called that for a reason.


So the point of tonight's post….its just great to see they have made it back safely after playing/contributing more than just their share of NZ’s balance of payments.

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